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Your Ticket To Current Masters Information
March 2012






There will be one more registration for the 2012 season March 4th at Gates Park in Port Coquitlam (located at Reeve St & Wilson Ave). Registration times are 7:30pm - 9:00pm. Fees are $150 and include your player card, jersey and one ticket to the April 21st Draft smoker.

If you can not make registration at Gates Park then please contact Betty Selezinka at bboop44@telus.net


Each player must sign a player card with the league. Players carded with the LMML are permitted to play for their club teams in the various masters tournaments on their LMML card. If you have signed a masters card with a club team prior to registering with the LMML, you must provide and hand in that player card to the LMML at the time of registration.

Print off and fill out the registration form and bring it with you when you register. If you mail a cheque, please include the form along with your cheque.

You must provide your British Columbia Medical Care Card number or proof of medical insurance at the time of registration or when you mail payment. Failure to do so will delay your registration. No exceptions.

Any bounced cheques will result in no registration and you will be liable to pay any NSF fees incurred by the league.



Here are the LMML rule changes for 2012 season:

PLAYER'S EQUIPMENT: No runner can play with a wooden stick and/or wooden shaft.

THE GAME: two twenty-minute running-time periods followed by one twenty-minute period, with the last five minutes being stop-time.

PENALTIES: Any unsportsmanlike penalty will result in a four minute penalty. Goalies must server their unsportsmanlike penalties, providing there is a backup goaltender. Also, the penalty shot for 2nd penalty infractions (in lieu of a player being sent to the penalty box) has been removed, teams penalised will now play 5-on-3 if need be.

If you have any other questions regarding the league or would like join the league please contact Betty Selezinka at bboop44@telus.net



  • President: Terry Mosdell
  • Commissioner: Betty Selezinka
  • Secretaries: Sandy Grant
  • Treasurer/Registrar: Dave Stewart-Candy
  • Directors at Large: Gord Grant
  • Team Leaders: Kelly Scott, Bradley Vrecko, Ben Chow, and TBA





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